Friday, 13 April 2012

Latest bets

10 bets are indicated although the one involving Caen does not take place till next Wednesday.

HOME (DRAW NO BET) Lecce 2.2

AWAY Valencia 2.4

AWAY (DRAW NO BET) A C Ajaccio 10.5, Bologna 3.09, Fiorentina 5.28, Granada 2.625, Caen 5.5

OVER 2 5 GOALS Swansea 1.91

BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE  Swansea 1.73, Villa Real 2.0

I have staked £9 on each, a total of £90 altogether.

Good luck if following.

The midweek review.....

......does not make for pretty reading, but given the prices we are sometimes playing at clearly poor runs are inevitable. We started with 9 bets. one was a 'draw no bet' which finished as a draw so we can discard that one. Of the remaining 8 only 1 won, leaving us with a midweek loss of £54 and the following overall position.

Starting bank £400
Current bank £393
Total staked £272
Overall loss £7
Return on investment  Minus 2.6%

The weekend bets will be up shortly and there are some more big priced ones included, so it's quite possible the results could be similar. Please bear this in mind and dont overstake.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Midweek bets now posted.........

and they are.....

AWAYS  Levante 2.1

AWAYS (DRAW NO BET) Bayern Munich 2.0, Cesena 6.0, Siena 4.9, Udinese 3.16, Espanyol 2.375

OVER 2.5 GOALS Parma 1.95

BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE Parma 1.91, Napoli 2.05

Espanyol are playing tonight; the rest tomorrow.

9 bets and I have staked £9 on each; £81 altogether.

Good luck if following.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Up to date results

So, trying to keep on top of the results, we had 10 bets at the weekend.  Two of these were 'draw no bets' which finished as draws so the best thing to do is to discount these, which leaves us with 8 bets at £9 each. We had 3 winners which just wasn't quite enough to turn a profit on the weekend, leaving us as it did with a £4 loss.

Up to date figures ( All  from the new bank which started on 31st March)
Starting bank £400
Current bank £447
Growth In Bank 11.75%
Total staked £200
Profit £47
Return On Investment  23.5%
11 winners from 24 bets

Midweek bets

Hi and hope everyone had a nice Easter.

I've looked at the fixtures but none of the matches which qualify for bets are being played today, so I'll be back tonightwith the bets if possible; if not it will be tomorrow morning.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Late bet for Liverpool match this afternoon

The match between Liverpool and Aston Villa this afternoon qualifies as a bet in the BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE market; best price is in the region of 2.03 after commission.

That makes 10 bets altogether at £9 each. Apologies for missing this one off originally  and good luck if following.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Bets For Friday - Sunday

HOMES (Draw No Bet) A C Ajaccio 2.15, Cagliari 3.0, Lecce 3.14

AWAYS Tottenham 2.3, Everton 2.5, Werder Bremen 2.5

AWAYS (Draw No Bet) Newcastle 2.2

OVER 2.5 GOALS B M Gladbach 1.99

BOTH TEAMS TO SCORE  B M Gladbach 1.97

And that's it. Just 9 bets passing all the filters this weekend and at the current stake of £9 each that's £81 altogether. I'll be back on Sunday night if time permits or Monday morning if it doesn't as there's a fresh round of  Premier league matches starting on Monday.